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How Does it Feel to be One of the Fuckable People?

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How does it feel to be one of the fuckable people?

What the hell is this community?
This is the "top ten shag list" community, also known as the "top ten fuck list", though that's obviously a little more vulgar.

What do you do?
POST! Post the top ten "celebrities" (actors, musicians, writers, artists, etc.) you'd like to shag. They don't have to be in any particular order, personally I find that to be too difficult. ^_^

Can I post pictures?
Hell yes! I generally do my pictures in text links, but if you want to post them right there on the list go ahead! Pictures should be put behind a cut tag though, as it's just more polite that way.

How do I do a cut tag?

Are there rules here?
Sadly, there must be. Thankfully it's basic common sense. Be nice! No judging people for who is on their list! Everyone has different tastes, it's what makes the world interesting.