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May 15th, 2004

dirtyminded @ 01:33 am: My top ten!
My list for now. It's gotten weird like I said, the youngest is actually younger than my little brother, and the oldest is older than my dad. The closest one to my age is a woman. O_O There are also a million other people I'd like to add, but these were the FIRST ten I thought of, and that's the whole point.

1. Elias Koteas 43 [picture]
2. Jeremy Sumpter 15 (once he's at least 17) [picture]
3. Daniel Radcliffe 14 (same as above) [picture]
4. Tom Felton 16(see above, which is in Sept.) [picture]
5. Gackt 33 supposedly [picture]
6. Amir Derakh 41 [picture]
7. Michelle Rodriguez 25 [picture]
8. Jay Gordon 37 [goofy picture]
9. Danny Elfman 51 [picture]
10. Adam Savage no friggin clue. He's over 30 though. [picture]

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dirtyminded @ 12:05 am: Mod's note
The top ten shag list (or "fuck list" as it was known) started with me and my friends in high school. It didn't start as a top ten list, that came after my friend Keenan gave me an entire page of people. -_- THEN it had to be cut to ten.

So I've been doing these lists for about six years now, and I've gotten to the point where the damn things were getting so weird that I wanted to stop sharing.

Well fuck that!!! I don't care how weird they are I'm sharing!!! Even if I do it in friends only mode. *L*

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