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kensmind @ 08:03 pm: My Shag List
I just joined this community and love the concept! Here's my list. As you can tell I'm into the whole "twink/pretty boy" look. In no particular order:

1. Chad Michael Murray
2. Josh Hartnett
3. Ryan Phillippe
4. Travis Fimmell (CK underwear model)
5. Colin Farrell
6. Tom Welling (Superboy of course)
7. Tom Brady (New England Patriots Quarterback)
8. Hayden Christianson
9. Randy Harrison (Justin on "Queer as Folk")
10.Adam Rickett (Coronation street hottie)

with honourable mention to Matt Damon, Jose Theodore (Montreal Canadiens goalie) and the Brewer Twins.

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Current Music: Mouse T-"Horny Horny Horny"
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